About us

EFECTO LAZARO started as an artivism group spontaneously in the year 2000. Since then the team has carried out the following projects:

2000 - Tiempo de / There is a time (Miranda de Ebro)

2005 - Reloj de Pensamiento / Thinking Clock (Spain)

2006 - We want to live together (Spain)

2011 - La vaca que no ríe / The cow that does not laugh (Cantabria)

2012 - Café con coco (Cantabria)

2014 - En clave de paz (Spain) - Work in progress

2016 - Pacto de Convivencia (Spain) - Work in progress

2017 - Singing for an open Europe - Refugees Wellcome (collaboration with Pasaje Seguro Cantabria)

2017 - "Do not get confused" Project: Ending violence against women

2018- Center for non violent artivism (UAM - Madrid) - Work in progress


Organizations and funders who have made it possible for us to do the work we do

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We thank the Lush Company for his generous support to our projects.

Become a donor

Your donations allow us to serve communities who normally wouldn’t be able to afford our programs and help us focus on the most important work we can do. The nature of our funding is very restrictive, so small amounts of independent funding make a big difference. For any other purpose, feel free to contact us directly.

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